The farmhouse

Inside a large farm rich in olives, wheat, irrigated crops and bio cultivations, the Bugilfezza Farmhouse set up in 2005 and it is located at the base of the valley of the Hyblean Mounts and in the very middle of Ispica, Modica, Ragusa Ibla, and Scicli towns that represent the most important example of the Ibleo Baroque. The building has nine comfortable rooms, a restaurant where typical Mediterranean food is served, a business meeting room, a swimming pool, a bowling green and a lawn soccer field.


The story

Antonino Giunta's Villa – Bugilfezza region

Driving along 115 highway, opposite the crossroad to Cave d'Ispica, you can take Vanedda Amuri, the place name of the country road that goes winding up to the iron gate of Villa Giunta in Bugilfezza region. Once, Bugilfezza was a feudal estate as it is certified in the Diplomas of the year 1303 and its name comes from Arab, that is Burg (land) and Feiz (proper and family name). A reliable source about the derivation of the word is certainly the remarkable work by Raffaello Solarino "The Contea of Modica".

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The rooms

The Bugilfezza Farmhouse has 9 rooms: 6 doubles, 2 triples and 1 quadruple.

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